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They're probably selling meat glued together with a chemical byproduct of bacterial activity obtained from pig's blood. The amount of microbial activity is 100 times more than enough to make you sick. Their meat looked like cheap cuts of old cow meats glued together with some sort of nasty slime. This is ridiculous. Texas should be ashamed at this. This sort of stuff is covered in the news in the past. Yet, people didn't seem to take notice and... Read more

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Horrible horrible meat! I wasted all my familys food stamps on this junk.

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The filet mignon you sold me is obviously chuck beef. I was overcharged and given crappy quality meat.

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Went from $340 to $30 for a package of stakes. That should tell you all you need to know. Just don't buy em.

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The burgers has bees in them. Garbage. Avoid at all costs.

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I got a pretty good deal from a kind man yesterday. He was very flexible with the prices and willing to help. I got the guy down to 15$ for a box of 4 nice looking usda rib eyes. The price I was quoted was way out of my range. So he let me get them cheaper than advertised on the pamphlet to let me try them. I soaked the 4 rib eyes in a seasoning mix in the refrigerator for 24 hours. I just recently cooked them on the George Forman grill we have,... Read more

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Do not buy are be scammed by Rob and his partner they were in Belton Tx on 8/4/2016 the meat was tough,chewy, and tasteless. Ladies beware of Rob. Will be contacting the BBB.

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I purchased a box of assorted frozen fish 2 days ago from Rex.So far, after cooking 2 pieces, I have thrown away both pieces. After cooking for only 15 mins, the fish turned to mush - totally disgusting. I realize I made a huge mistake talking to Rex in a parking lot on Blanco Rd in North San Antonio. He seemed so desperate, and I felt like I could not "get away"! I can't believe I totally threw away $160. I'm a mature, retired woman -- amazed I... Read more

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GAVE INFLATED PRICE knocked off half still tried to get to buy with breakfast meat combo box and an additional $50 off making it $150 for 7 boxes. I did not buy offered any single box for $30. Thought I would help them out with one box siren they were diligent in trying to make a sale. Asked for the box with the 4 good sized T-Bones they convinced me to take the smaller so called 8 filet mignon steaks. Cooked slow on a pellet grill at 215... Read more

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